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Koalas are very rarely seen drinking (it’s thought they get their water from leaves), so this photo of Victorian fire fighter Dave Tree sharing a drink — and a hand — with this fire victim, dubbed Sam, astonished Australians and flashed around the world. During his encounter, Tree said,

“You watch. He’ll get hydrated then he’ll rip the absolute fucking shit out of me.”

peep the full beards and the muscle striations. so rad.



because i can’t live without, just can’t live without . . .



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ode to those


everyone wants to be a superhero.

mary does.  you do.  i do.

what would i be, if i could be?  would i lead a double life, extraordinarily navigating with vengeance and punishment?  would i entangle foes in a clever web of justice? superheroes have capabilities that extend far beyond the average.

they are strong like beetles are strong.

they are smart like elephants are smart.


what would i be, if i could be?  would i stay up all night, awaiting the shrill cry of wanton cruelty?  would i be prepared to battle til the death, even if it is my death?  and, if i died, would i rise from the ashes to fulfill a legacy?  or, would i speak defeat, be defeated, then remain so, forever and always?

picture-31leo believed the [workings of the human body to be an analogy for the workings of the universe.]

wrongdiagnosis.com tells me that the cause of my muscle aches could be any one of 589 conditions.

barely concrete[s]


give me, give me swedish, indie pop. give me indie pop.

a way of life

taxidermy roadshow


you look how i feel [look].


from me to you


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The American atom bomb known as Fat Man being prepared for dropping on Nagasaki during World War II. Soviet spies gave its design to Moscow, and Moscow, in turn, gave the secrets to Beijing. In time, China entrusted the design information to Pakistan. A.Q. Khan, Pakistan’s rogue atomic pioneer, then sold them on the global black market.

Photo: Russia’s Arms & Technologies, Moscow




in the a.m. finds me wanting all things [french].


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on my stripes.















and, films with guns